The Outer Regions Of Inner Space

by I AM (david long)

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released January 28, 2010




I AM (david long) Fayetteville, Arkansas

I AM (david long) is an Integral Philosopher, Artist, and Musician.

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Track Name: WYT
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7. WYT
from The Outer Regions Of Inner Space by I AM (david long)
released 28 January 2010


(WYT) With Your Time,

HA ha ha ha

Yeah, I got the truth, I put it right in your face,
I got the boom bap, hand clap, guitar amp feedback, kick, snare, rim shot, bass,
No, I don’t write rhymes they just fall into place,
The outer regions of inter space, inner space,

Behold the moon, it reflects the sun, it’s always shifting in it’s phases,
in the darkest night, illuminating paths, reflecting on the water as it blazes,
shed your shadow, and be born again,
like the self eating serpent that sheds it skin,
learn lessons from the moon, embrace the feminine,
you should understand why we feel this connection,
we rise each day because the suns resurrection,
It’s just too bright to see,
so we worship it’s reflection naturally,
realizing our vision actually,
from fantasy to factually,
we simply use causality,
to create a new reality,
It’s all about your mentality,
morality from a perspective beyond mortality,
stop worshiping that fallacy,
universal commonality,
dispense with the formalities,
you could never have neutrality,
or forget about practicality,
It’s all about what you do.

What do you do with your time?

I’m moving people up the spiral dynamically,
applying this integral philosophy,
logic and theosophy,
of human possibility,
flexibility of the body and mind,
as a useful tool for I AMness in time,
yeah, I’m the divine,
if you seek then you’ll find,
I AM, the living truth behind your symbols and signs,
I AM, every life in every life time,
I AM, Infinite eternal go ahead and rewind,

This is my message in a bottle send it out to the planet,
The futures in our making so lets sit down and plan it,
I AM it,
create a better future so that we can all stand it,
balance out the bullshit and together God damn it,
we can do it, has to do with, understanding how to prove it,
take it to the people and create a revolutionary movement,
to the middle,
if life’s a riddle tinny dancer,
this is the answer to our cancer,
we can escape the “us and them” of nationalism,
by establishing unity, compassion, and rationalism.

What do you do with your time?

I’m creeping up and sneaking up,
Until you’re fuckin’ speakers bust,
I become your shadow, bring it up,
how you like me now,
come on stand up theres no need to bow down,
when I come to you’re town,
I know that’s how some other brothers get down,
but you don’t have to worship me cause I wear a crown,
I represent totality and every pronoun,
like a bride to a groom, Like a ball to a gown,

And I’m giving you a method you should listen go apply it,
research it for your self, the peer review process, try it,
you might just find it works for you,
that’s what you do,
First you find the opposites, the opposites attract,
define themselves in opposition, we need to step back,
divisions of 4 may help with that,
and now we see a cycle, lets look at the facts,
pro’s and con’s on all sides is what we find,
we weigh the short term and long term possibilities in our mind,
from this point of understanding we can take control,
do what we must do to accomplish our goals,
not just for me, but for the whole,
balance the universal mind body and soul,
by taking control of the part that you play,
wake up and do that shit everyday,
this is the new tao, yo this is the new way,
you are what you do and you are what you say,
so please be responsible for the part that you play,